My name is Piotr Aszoff and I am a web front end developer.
Web front end developer is a person, who transforms designs, mockups and visions into website's look and feel.

I provide solutions for various businesses.
I prepare Magento based stores, Wordpress blogs, and other websites.
I can deal with single page applications, graphics, and optimization of existing projects.

Areas of work


How I work

I work remotely since 2011, and I am self employed since 2012.

I use communication tools and various software solutions to keep my work effective and efficient.


  • html coding,
  • css coding (sass, compass, less),
  • responsive web design,
  • Bootstrap integration,
  • javascript, jquery and prototype scripts,
  • jquery mobile integration and scripts
  • slicing and optimizing graphics,
  • cross browser tests,
  • writing basic php scripts,
  • fixing html, css, js,
  • setting up Magento admin panel,
  • Magento xml settings customizations,
  • setting up Wordpress,
  • work with version control e.g. GIT
  • React.js components
  • and more...


I am developing and testing projects on various devices, starting with a PC desktop machine.
What else?

  • mobile phones with android on board,
  • a tablet with android,
  • a tablet and a phone with IOS,
  • a laptop.

Software knowledge

  • Adobe Fireworks/Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Adobe Edge Inspect
  • Tortoise SVN/Tortoise GIT
  • PHP Storm
  • Jing
  • FileZilla
  • Putty
  • Pageant
  • Fiddler 2
  • WinCacheGrind
  • Springloops
  • Codebase
  • Assembla
  • and more...


Here is a list of pages I was involved in.

  • Regiondo regiondo.de Magento - Coding cms pages (around sixty)
  • MyMat mymat.co.uk Magento - Template styling and scripting (css, html, php (setting attributes))
  • Regale-guenstig regale-guenstig.de Magento - Template styling and scripting (css, sass, compass, js, prototype)
  • Stufenmatten stufenmatten.de Magento - Template styling and scripting (css, sass, compass, js, prototype)
  • Arbeitsplatz matten arbeitsplatzmatten.eu Magento - Template styling and scripting (css, html)
  • Fieldsupply fieldsupply.com Magento - Template styling and scripting (css, html, attributes caluculations -> php, jquery)
  • Floordirket floordirekt.de Magento - Template styling and scripting (css, sass, compass, js/prototype)
  • Dutch Training Professionals dutchtrainingprofessionals.nl Coding from scratch - Several pages (html, css, sass, compass, bootstrap)


Piotr Aszoff
Email: info(at)esitecoding.com